RE: face to face meeting host offers for the HTML WG?

On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 09:19 -0700, Chris Wilson wrote:
> You seem to have a personal problem with me being co-chair of this
> group.  You've stated your objections, and the W3C chose (partly based
> on those, I imagine, though I have no actual knowledge) to have a
> co-chair (my esteemed colleague Dan).  Despite your continued claims, I
> was not "chosen" - I was asked, based on my history of involvement with
> the web and with HTML.  You appear to continue to have an issue.  You
> claim  to represent others' opinions as well here.  I would like to
> suggest, in that case, that the current members of the WG ("invited
> experts" as well, as far as I'm concerned) take a vote to decide if they
> want me to be co-chair or not.
> I would be happy (as I've previously stated) to not have that
> responsibility, and I certainly have tremendous confidence and respect
> for Dan, and would support him as sole chair (I was delighted when he
> told me he was signing up to co-chair).

(a) Thanks for the kind words, but I'm not interested in being
sole chair.

(b) 165 group participants have jumped thru various hoops to
join this WG, so far; I consider each of those to be a vote, of sorts,
in favor of you as co-chair, Chris.

I appreciate that the start-up phase of this Working Group is
frustrating, but I ask, again, that people bear with us as
we sort things out.

Oh... and 
(c) thanks for the update on your situation, Chris.
You had told me as much, but I wasn't sure how much I was
at liberty to share with the rest of the group (and,
via the archives, the world...).

Dan Connolly, W3C
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