Re: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

On 2007-03-25T13:06+0300 Mihai Sucan wrote:
> See the public-html archives:

It would be good if the HTML archives rendered threads better. The best
way to read what is going on mailing lists is to setup a mail client
with excellent threading support such as mutt.

Compare the thread views:

I hope you will agree that Mutt does a much better job.

Some further reading about mutt:

Tbh I have been following public-html activity on the Gmail web
application satisfactorily.

A mailing list and an IRC channel work well for most quality projects
and standards processes. It would be good not to see our collective
efforts fragment across several lists, channels and awful island mediums
like Web forums. 

I mean why the two IRC channels? Can
we please stick to one?

I know IRC is not for everyone. When I am at work I simply can't follow
IRC. However Web archives of IRC are a good substitute.

Best wishes,

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