Re: Multipart response support

Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:
> What *is* something for the HTML WG, however, is to decide wether or not 
> we should extend the syntax of some href and src attributes to accept 
> references to attachments. Who else should make that kind of decisions?

The syntax of href and src attributes do not need to be changed at all. 
  All the technologies required to implement your suggestions already 
exist.  Please do some research on the following topics.

* MHTML [RFC 2557]
* The CID URI Scheme [RFC 2392]
* DRM (including all legal, moral and practical issues)
* The multipart/x-mixed-replaced MIME Type (doesn't really solve your 
specific issue, but is a multipart/* MIME supported by browsers)

There are no changes that would need to be made to HTML in order to 
support your request.  In fact, everything you seem to be asking for 
(except for the DRM) is already used quite often in HTML e-mails. 
AFAIK, the only it's just that there are no implementations that support 
it outside of e-mail.  However, you have yet to raise a good and valid 
use case for why browsers should support it over HTTP.

As I said in my initial response, this thread is off topic for HTML.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Thursday, 29 March 2007 14:06:58 UTC