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On 29.03.2007, at 15:28, Murray Maloney wrote:

> At 01:41 PM 3/28/2007 -0700, T.V Raman wrote:
>> In markup languages like LaTeX the \em had a minor but key
>> difference with \it --
>> LaTeX was smart enough to render \em as something distinctive if
>> it was used within content that was already italicized ---
>> otherwise \em and \it were equivalent.
>> I dont believe visual web browsers have made this distinction
>> anyway, in which case there is no real distinction.
> Thanks for mentioning that. I have always tried to write style  
> sheets to
> take nesting into account. so that italic inside of italic would be  
> normal
> and italic inside of bold would be bold-italic, etc. I haven't  
> figured out
> how to manage contexts like that with CSS. Maybe Hakon has some  
> advice.

well... unless I misunderstand you, italics inside of bold actually  
as bold italics. And nesting of italics can be achieved like this:

#element em {
	font-style: italic;

#element em em {
	font-style: normal;


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