Re: preference for blocks of unrelated comments

Hello everyone,

I find that most often it is better -- for both the writer and the reader --
to have a single email that covers a wide-ranging set of topics because
there are often threads that relate the topics which can be lost of the
initial discussion starts as a series of emails.

If the writer is skillful and diligent he/she can then follow-up with an
email per subject/thread. It can be useful to develop naming conventions
for threads such that the thread name is memorable and evocative.
Topics that begin with email from a single member can lead to an
official ISSUE being recorded, often using a subject that rhymes
with the original subject.

I suppose that we will develop our own set of conventions over time
as a prophylactic against WG-email-madness.

Anyway, those are just a few of my opinions. More to follow in the months
to come.


Murray Maloney

P.S. I find it helps if email is addressed only to the WG list and if 
people exclude
their VCards and other attachments. My email filters have choked on several 
on this list already, which means that I may not see some really good stuff 
just because
I don't want my mail box filling up with attachments that I will never look at.

Received on Wednesday, 21 March 2007 03:08:23 UTC