Re: brainstorming: test cases, issues, goals, etc.

On 15/03/2007 20:53, Ian Hickson wrote:

> to just stop work is not really reasonable. (Consider, do any W3C WGs ever 
> ask other W3C WGs to stop work so they can comment on a draft?)

Maybe it's just me, but I still think the ideal solution is a dilution
of the WHATWG in W3C, because originally WHATWG was created because W3C
was not listening... Everything should have be done here from the start.

That's totally unusual and you just cannot compare to other WGs and how
they work.

Now, if everyone's confident that 35+ official W3C members can review
such an enormous spec in a reasonable time, possibly loop through Legal
to check if they can safely approve the doc, without having too big
differences between the reviewed version and the svn head, fine for me.


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