RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

On Fri, March 23, 2007 7:56 am, Gavin Pearce wrote:
> I retract changing IRC to something else, but mainly we need a way of
> online idea management. Can keep the mailing list going, but be more
> organised, better standards, and if we have an online area, access to the
> IRC chat via an online webpage at anytime of the day, a forum with an
> off-topic area (we all secretly want to know more about everyone else's
> personal life), but still keeping the main features.

I frankly don't care about your personal lives (no offense ;-), but an
XMPP (Jabber) server would be preferable to IRC.  There are several open
server implementations: jabberd14, jabberd2, and Openfire (formerly
Wildfire), for starters.


In addition to a web-based chat interface, accessible without installing
any software, people can connect via a number of messenger programs that
they may already use (Gaim, Trillian, Spark, Adium, Google Talk, etc.).


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