Re: RichTextInput03

I fully support your thoughts on this. However, from the previous  
discussion it now seems to me that we need a control that borrows  
aspects from

* the textarea control (textual input and output),
* the file input control (HTTP transfer and security mechanisms)
* the object element (tool/plugin/api selection, parametrization and  

In addition to this, of course, we need the xml validation step and  
related error handling mechanisms.


On 27. mar. 2007, at 23.01, Rene Saarsoo wrote:

> Anne van Kesteren wrote:
>> Anyway,  
>> should address what you ask for, although I think people will want  
>> to have a bit more control over how such an editor works.
> Thanks for reminding this very relevant attribute from WHATWG spec.
> Which makes me think, maybe we can have the best of all worlds:
> * When scripting is available, then the user would be presented
>   with UI crafted by page author.
> * When an appropriate editor for specified content-type is available,
>   then the user would be presented with that editor.
> * When both are available, then the user can make a choice, which one
>   to use.
> * When neither is available, then the user would be presented with
>   a simple textarea. Additionally there should be an option for user
>   to switch into the simplest plain-text-mode even when special
>   editor or UI script is available.
> That way neither the page author is limited with the choice of
> publicly available editors, nor the user is limited with the
> editor provided by page author.
> Opening specialized editor for a specific content type is pretty
> easy to implement - OmniWeb already has a builtin way to switch from
> textarea to text editor [1], Elinks, w3m and lynx also support
> external editors, and there are is bunch of extensions to achieve
> the same in Firefox (WiewSourceWith [2] and Mozex [3] to name a few).
> The more complex part is providing some kind of general mechanism
> to switch into and out of an editor created with some author-crafted
> script. To make this kind of switching available, the user-agent
> must understand which script on the page is responsible for the
> editor. This information could either be provided through some API
> or with some additional attribute on textarea, e.g.:
>   <textarea accept="text/css" editor="cssedit.js"></textarea>
> Rene Saarsoo
> [1]
> [2]
> [3]

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