RE: WYSIWYM editors

I have to agree with Daniel.

And isn't an ultimate aim to have more people understanding HTML anyway, I
just don't think we should be counting certain types of user groups out on
discussions just because "the majority do it *some other way*" .

Requirements/specs for non-techie users are just as much a priority as those
who spend all day, everyday, working with it.

I know that isn't what you were trying to say - but thought I'd just like to
make that point clear.

- Gavin

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On 18/03/2007 21:39, Laurens Holst wrote:

> People like your father don't create web pages with NVU, get an account 
> with a provider, and use FTP to upload their pages there; they create a 
> page on Myspace, or post their content on forums.

On the contrary, he does use Nvu, and uploads his pages using the
builtin site manager. You'd be surprised to know how many non-tech
people use Nvu for that purpose.


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