HTML WG office hours in IRC, a few wiki topics

I'm interested in getting together at the same time, if
not the same place, as other people, to
meet and greet a little bit and brainstorm about various things.

I think I'll hold "office hours" by IRC tomorrow.

I just created an #html-wg irc channel on, port 6665.
i.e. irc://

It's logged:
   (and .../03/22-html-wg-irc , etc.)

I work on Chicago time. I haven't asked Karl yet about this, but I
expect he's interested to chat there too. He works on Tokyo time.

I'm starting to think I have enough discussion topics
to call a WG teleconference, but scheduling those is a challenge
that I'm not up to just tonight.

A number of people mentioned IRC in response to the call for interest
in ftf meetings; our charter mentions IRC a little bit,
without getting very specific.

I have a TODO list building; I'll probably publish it
and link it from this week.

Meanwhile, a few ESW wiki topics that I noodle on from
time to time are relevant to this WG...
and maybe

I might use that wiki to capture stuff during office hours;
I keep one of my todo lists in that wiki;
it's a bit stale just now, but I might use it to organize my thoughts
a bit as I return to chairing work on HTML.

Collaboration mechanics alone is a long list of things
to talk about: (where the handy Zakim/RRSAgent bots live)
    vs (with handy stuff like
        cia and )

  share wiki service with esw, vs one or more wikis specific
   to this wg and/or the forms wg? use what W3C currently
   supports (MoinMoin) or push the envelope a bit?
   (I'd love to use mediawiki with the openid extension
    and the semantic mediawiki extensions.)

  mailing list posting/subscription policies. (though I
   think we're approaching consensus on the current setup, there)

  multi-site ftf meeting, with video links?

Dan Connolly, W3C
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