Re: XML input control

> We all might agree on this. However, XML is in no way
> formatted text. A XML input control serves a small niche
> of people and has no appeal for the general public. I cast
> my vote against such a control.

Wether or not an XML control has appeal to the general public depends  
on the tools that are used to generate its input. Did you know that  
the core of the iTunes Music Library is an XML Document?

> Additionally I think a rich input control should be the
> responsibility of JavaScript/XUL programmers. There are
> excellent WYSIWYG / WYSIWYM editors out there and
> replacing them with a control which provides HTML output
> is not helping anybody.

I agree that there are many programming languages that can be used to  
generate rich input. The current breed of editors have a way to go,  
however, and an XML control can serve as a quality control mechanism
that can speed up this process.

I don't understand the part about "provodes HTML output". Please  


Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 19:23:22 UTC