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> The WHATWG isn't going to stop; however, we could, with permission  
> from
> Apple, Opera, and Mozilla, have both this HTML working group's
> specification and the WHATWG's specification be the same actual  
> document
> (just with different headers and styles).

Awesome. As someone who has watched both W3C and WHATWG grow apart  
over the evolution of HTML over the past years, I must say this idea  
is quite interesting. Like many I'm sure, I was quite saddened to see  
the language being torn in two directions and am sure that with a  
little good faith from all parties implied, we could just find a way  
to make one solid recommendation with everyone's logo on it that  
everyone could be comfortable with and therefore, avoid any further  
confusion in the minds of web developer and browser vendors alike.

> If the HTML WG and the WHATWG don't publish the same specification,  
> then
> I, on behalf of the WHATWG, will ensure that the two specifications  
> remain
> consistent and compatible, by ensuring that the WHATWG  
> specification is
> always a strict superset or more detailed version of the HTML WG spec.

In my opinion, this, at the very least, should be something to really  
look forward to.

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