RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?


Just awaiting a chairs response tbh mainly as for the legal standing of
using a companies services to develop this, are we allowed to do that? Say
someone offered us free web hosting, is that OK etc ? Or if we used phpBB
for example ... is that allowed? Or is someone somewhere going to be
screaming unfair advantage one way or another.

Once I know the legal standing, I'll email a few companies/open source
software ... seeing what we can get sorted.

If anyone has any good links anywhere that they feel could b useful, please
email me - I can't help but feel that it would be best to my private address
rather than taking up more space on the mailing list when I know Dan is
trying to piece ideas together. You can reach me on:

After we've got approval, shall prob run a vote on the various software
options open to us and see where that leads us, going with the general

So just to some up, where to go from here:

 - Check what we can or can't do with one of our chairs.
 - I'll speak to various people/companies about what we can get our hands on
(if you know anyone or anything relevant please do contact me above)
 - Come back to the group and offer the various services
 - Take a vote
 - Myself + any1 willing to help setup the services, run a trial period
 - Take a final vote, on what method was better, new or original
 - The End - he hopes.

As always, ideas, modifications, suggestions, comments, criticisms welcome.

- Gavin

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IRC is somewhat old-fashioned but always usefull to have a quick and
clear conversation, a forum I would prefer above a mailinglist, since
most forums have a better searchfunctionality than my emailclient.
Also it imho easier to keep discussion well-structured when using
discussion threads on a forum, however that is my personal opinion
based on previous experience with mailinglists and forums.


On 3/23/07, Gavin Pearce <> wrote:
> I retract changing IRC to something else, but mainly we need a way of
> idea management. Can keep the mailing list going, but be more organised,
> better standards, and if we have an online area, access to the IRC chat
> an online webpage at anytime of the day, a forum with an off-topic area
> all secretly want to know more about everyone else's personal life), but
> still keeping the main features.
> - gavin
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> At 06:38 AM 3/23/2007, Gavin Pearce wrote:
> >IRC and an old school mailing list? We must be able to find a better way
> >put together something as major as we're working on!
> >
> >It's too hard to organize ideas for everyone to look at them, we need a
> >forum, a more up-to-date mailing list, an online chat service, online
> >brainstorming, an ideas board, work in progress etc etc ...
> I concur. Like ideas, discussions tend to be distinctly non-linear,
> nor even tree-shaped (library taxonomies notwithstanding). A full
> fledged graph-theoretic tool that allows branching and convergence of
> threads (as well as visualizations of the proximities between
> threads) is the sort of thing that would be appropriate. As I
> mentioned, Image and Meaning (IIC at Harvard) is looking into things
> like that. If somebody knows of something that already exists, it
> would be handy cause then we wouldn't have to build it. Campfire does
> look interesting and the other thing I
> know of (with a more visual than textual component) is
> . Here's a picture of something like
> what I mean (drawn in SVG):
> It all depends on one's definition of "brainstorming," I suppose.
> There seem to be multiple concepts of that floating about. I've
> already offered my opinion of IRC.
> David Dailey

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