Re: XML input control

Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:

> I would like to suggest an extension to HTML [snip]:
> an input control that accepts XML content, specified by a
> schema. I'm thinking of something like the following:
>   <xmldoc name="mydoc" schemalocation="myschema.xsd" ... />
> The semantics would be similar to that of a textarea, except that the
> client should be responsible for returning xml markup that conforms
> to the schema. Correspondingly a basic implementation would involve a
> textarea that is validated against the schema before the data is
> submitted.

I think we should concentrate more on the problem we are trying
to solve. Your suggestion is more of a solution to something,
but it's not quite clear from your letter, what is the real
problem you are trying to address.

Rene Saarsoo

Received on Friday, 23 March 2007 11:07:17 UTC