RE: declarative expressons in WF2

Note that the XForms WG originally speculated on subsetting
JavaScript, and for the reasons you mention decided to use XPath

Mike Schinkel writes:
 > Dave Raggett wrote:
 > > The use of declarative representations allows the
 > > authoring tool to recover the original context when the
 > > editor next loads the document. If the application is
 > > largely defined in JavaScript, the editor won't be able
 > > to map that back to something simpler for the non-techie
 > > author. Authoring tools can make use of proprietary
 > > solutions for recording declarative info, but this locks
 > > the author into that tool. Open standards for declarative
 > > representations avoid that lock in, creating a level
 > > playing field. A simple expression language for HTML
 > > forms would be an important part of this.
 > While I agree with that assertion...
 > > I have yet to hear any substantive technical barriers and
 > > the implementation is straightforward as I have
 > > demonstrated. I really don't understand the reluctance of
 > > most people on this list to embrace an opportunity to
 > > make HTML authoring accessible to a much wider range of
 > > people.
 > ...I'm concerned about where the arbitrary limits will be set and how the
 > design of a subset architecture might be forced to evolve. In my experience
 > everytime I see a group create a subset language it often grows to become a
 > bastardized version of the original because it wasn't originally architected
 > for extension and because needs for flexibility push the language to be more
 > than it was ever designed to be.
 > I believe the scope of this issue is large enough it should be addressed by
 > its own working group with people who have programming language design
 > experience as opposed to just markup language design experience.  In other
 > words, seperation of concerns should apply here.
 > JMTCW, anyway.
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