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Errata (I didn't have time to read my post, eh).

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> "Real" web designers who work for local companies, regional, or even  
> national companies
> These create their layouts, on schedules, for the company they work,  
> most likely in Pohotoshop (since it might be a requirement). Then they


> redo the layout in Dreamweaver (or similar). Similarly to the amateurs,  
> they do lots of guess work when something doesn't work as they want -


> What we can't do:
> 1. We can't teach every single web designer about proper HTML/CSS. I  
> believe a designer is a designer, he/she must evolve in his/her own  
> areas of interesting, (application GUIS, web interfaces, digital art, 3D


> modelling, digital painting, whatever). He/she should not go over board  
> and do it all. (Jack of all trades, master of none.)
> 2. We can create languages within which developers are constrained


> 3. We can't teach users of various content management systems to not use  
> ugly colours, bold, font changes, what-not. They don't need to learn  
> this.

s/font changes/fonts

> Must add that the I provide here as the initial table is actually quite  
> clean, what I had to clean where tons of <font>, <b>, <dd> tags within

Must add that what I provide here...

> However, almost every Word document I have to put on the Web contains  
> the "a) you<br>b) me<br>c) and the Web". Was that a failure on the  
> editor side? No, it's the user who had no clue.

s/on the Web contains the/on the Web contains simple strings as

Here I forgot to mention that when I have to put such documents on the  
Web, I use my script which parses these strings in order to generate  
semantical lists.

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