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On Mar 18, 2007, at 4:20 PM, Laurens Holst wrote:

> I don’t know… In Backbase, there is one designer guy whose main IDE  
> is indeed photoshop and who makes the design for all graphics  
> (including the product’s UI looks, PDF documents, the website, and  
> their illustrations). However, he has basically nothing to do with  
> HTML or CSS (other than having a global view of what’s possible  
> with CSS and what’s not, because he’s been told so many times :));  
> when he’s finished a design, the markup is then created by web  
> programmers who slice up the images and produce the code.

This is the way Forum One works; however the markup is often created  
by junior programmers who aren't yet experienced enough with HTML+CSS  
to create table-free, semantic designs. The pressure for them to go  
the easy road is exacerbated when budgets get tight and the client is  
viewing the site in IE 6.

Also, most designers I've worked with are not as well-informed as  
yours. They implicitly design things in their head based on their  
experience with table-based layout, rather than a design that is easy  
to render with semantic markup (e.g. uniform-height columns), even if  
they don't do the coding.

By default, our CMS generates compliant, fairly semantic HTML, but  
implementation is always much messier in the real world of budgets  
and a limited supply of properly-trained-and-experienced programmers.  
I think you can safely assume that as long as shortcuts exist, they  
will be taken unless the "right" way is actually easier, or when the  
advantages are so compelling that people are willing to require it  
and pay the difference.

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