Re: Let every element have a src attribute

Dao Gottwald wrote:
> .... which seems very plausible to me. Contrary to letting every element 
> have a href attribute, it's backwards-compatible by design.
> Are there any plans to inherit [src on every element] from the XHTML2 working draft?

No.  Several implementers have already stated that overloading elements 
like that would be extremely difficult to implement.  They already have 
enough trouble with implementing <object> interoperably, let's not 
extend those problems to every other element too.

These are some of the basic reasons:

* annoying to implement
* bad semanticly
* lack of img-specific API / attributes, presence of non-image API
* results on active elements like <input type="checkbox"> are bizzare
* conflates presentational technique of image replacement with 
semantically meaningful content images

(Thanks to Maciej for that list)

There's some more information about the problem with overloading object 
and global attributes in these articles.

Lachlan Hunt

Received on Thursday, 29 March 2007 01:41:18 UTC