Proposed Design Principles

Inspired by David Baron's suggested requirement of Don't Break The  
Web, a few of us came up with this proposed set of design principles,  
to be used when evaluating changes to the spec. Besides me, and the  
idea and text we borrowed from David Baron, at least the following  
people contributed: Anne van Kesteren, Marcos Caceres, Henri Sivonen  
and Ian Hickson.

I'd appreciate feedback on these. Are any important principles  
missing? Are any of these wrong? Do they need refinement?

Anne suggested that we might publish a version of this as a W3C Note,  
to give it somewhat more official standing. On the other hand, having  
it on a wiki is kind of nice since we can continue to clarify the  
principles and note additional ones as they become clear.


Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 18:43:39 UTC