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On Mon, 12 Mar 2007 18:56:53 +0100, Joost de Valk <>  

> consensus? Among 79 members? My god you're a positive man aren't you? :)

The IETF ATOMPUB Working Group has (or, the mailing list) 213 members. If  
we cut that in half to account for idle people and such, that's still ~107  
members. And yet, there has been a well-defined procedure for reaching  
consensus that the chairs of ATOMPUB have gone through and had success  
with over and over again, leading to one finished standard (RFC-4287) and  
another one currently in Last Call.

The more people the more work, surely, but seeing the success of ATOMPUB  
and its large amount of contributors, I can't see why this should become  
an insurmountable task for the HTML WG.

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