Straw man proposal to build an agenda/issue list


While we are waiting for our chairs to lead us, perhaps we should start to 
form an agenda.

I realize that there are a lot of topics to discuss and there seems to be a 
toward free-form discussion, but I for one would appreciate some structure to
our discussions.

I would like to propose, as a straw-man, that we consider the latest W3C 
as our baseline for discussion and develop a set of issues that speak to 
changes to that

My hope is that we could progressively identify all of the problem areas as 
a separate task
from solving the problems. If we can develop clear problem statements, 
using consistent language
then it should be easier to identify and distinguish problems that are 
unique and those that
are common to multiple areas of the WD.

Obviously there will also be issues with the organization and structure of 
the WD itself,
and those can be identified and written up in such a way as to facilitate 
by the Working Group.

If there is support for this approach, I would ask for assistance with the 
process of
gathering and collating comments with the goal of developing a preliminary 
issue list.


Murray Maloney

P.S. I have Cc'd this email to Chris Wilson to keep him somewhat aware of
what is happening in the loop. Hopefully he and Dan will be interested in
the results of this thread.

Received on Thursday, 22 March 2007 14:54:17 UTC