Affiliation disclosure

As can be seen from the list of working group members, I have joined  
this working group as a representative of the Mozilla Foundation.  
However, I am not an employee of the Foundation.  
"Non-employee Member representatives MUST disclose relevant  
affiliations to the Team and to any group in which the individual  


I am working on an HTML5 conformance checker as a Mozilla Foundation  
grantee. I am not an employee of the Mozilla Foundation (nor Mozilla  
Corporation). I have a consulting relationship with the Foundation as  
an independent contractor.

My upcoming master's thesis about the conformance checker has been  
written at Helsinki University of Technology, which is a W3C Member.  
However, I am not representing the university in this working group.  
I am (for a while still) a student at the university. I am not a  
staff member of the university.

Henri Sivonen

Received on Tuesday, 20 March 2007 14:16:10 UTC