Re: story telling and test cases

Dan Connolly wrote:
> I think I chose poorly when I picked the subject
> "brainstorming: test cases, issues, goals, etc."
> What I really want is test cases; i.e. concrete documents
> sent as attachments.

Test cases for what?  Test cases don't really help when there's no 
structure.  Sure, we could all submit random test cases testing random 
features, but that doesn't really help anyone.

Good test cases should test a specific feature and have clear pass/fail 
conditions.  For mroe information about writing test cases, see the CSS 
2.1 test case authoring guidlines [1].  There's some good information in 
there, just ignore the CSS specific stuff.

The example "test cases" you mentioned can't really be considered test 
cases.  They're just demonstrations of features because neither 
expressed any pass/fail conditions.

So the question is, precisely what do you want test cases for?  What's 
your ultimate goal of having them?  What will make them useful for you 
specifically in this case?


Lachlan Hunt

Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 13:34:16 UTC