Re: Multipart response support

On 28 Mar 2007, at 10:12, Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:

> I think we should consider including support for multipart  
> responses in HTML. Among other things this would provide:
> - easy preloading of critical components without using JavaScript

Do you mean pre-loading as in 'early asynchronous' loading?
I think this should be left to UA's, who seem to be doing an ok job  
at doing this and trying to reduce FOUC problems.

> - improved digital rights management of images etc. without using  
> flash or other plug-ins. (No need to make such resources directly  
> accessible on the internet.)
DRM should not be encouraged, let alone by an html spec.
It would also be mostly a waste of time anyway, screen grabbing would  
remain a way to get the picture.
Perhaps you should stego a copyright into your images?

> - a mechanism for hiding scripts and stylesheets from (average) users.
Again, the UA has to be able to read the script and stylesheet to use  
them, so anyone would be able to bypass the security anyway, and  
again a lot of effort could be wasted on this.

> Syntacticaly I think it would involve only a tiny change in the  
> specification. We only need to extend src-attributes etc. to accept  
> references to internal attachments instead of just URL's.
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> Henrik

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