Brainstorming: Best of all Worlds

Hello HTML WG,

I would like to kick start discussion on whether 
or not it is beneficial to think in terms of Best 
of all Worlds, including HTML5, Web Forms 2.0, 
XHTML 1.0, Modularization of XHTML and XHTML 2.

The way I see it is that what happened here at W3C 
recently is like a merger between two competing 
companies with two competing products. While both 
companies tried to define themselves as being 
"anti" the other, shortly after the merger this 
mindset still exists, but slowly fades aways in 
favour of a synergy strategy enabling a better 
product for the customer.

For us, I think a lot has been defined "as opposed 
to" the other technology. We're all W3C now. The 
XML story of the W3C is coming along in the 
market. For example, yesterday Kurt Cagle wrote on

"I find it increasingly difficult not to work with 
XForms, to be honest, even given some of the 
complexities involved in different 
implementations. With XForms, you can build the 
data model XML on the client side, send it up to 
an XQuery that will validate and process it, and 
then this object can in turn be passed off to a 
transformation to generate another XForms 
instance, an XHTML report, or an SVG chart of some 
sort. XSLT2 works well in building such input 
templates, again giving you fine-grain conditional 
control and the establishment of interface 
capabilities. I think the "X" model - XQuery + 
XSLT2 + XHTML + XForms - will likely prove a 
potent one in the future."

- Sebastian

Received on Thursday, 22 March 2007 18:44:45 UTC