RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

Kai Hendry wrote:
>I know IRC is not for everyone. When I am at work I simply can't follow
>IRC. However Web archives of IRC are a good substitute.

That's completely true. Not everyone can attend face to face meetings. Not everyone can attend IRC's. E-mail is cumbersome to digest. Teleconference is likely to be noisy with so many participants. 
IRC, despite its limitations, does provide a way to peruse after-the-fact. Precisely because of the oddities associated with each,  I would not like to banish, somehow, certain forms of interaction from one medium or another. A proposal, for example, that all brainstorming should be relegated to IRC or that all policy making should happen face-to-face or indeed that activity X should be conducted only in medium Y would disenfranchise some. On the other hand, the W3C and those who have been involved with it for some time are aware of its conventions and procedures in ways that I will simply have to defer to. In the meantime I will hope that there is ample patience for naivite among the more seasoned participants. 
Given that the WHATWG was formulated out of concern about the W3C's "apparent disregard for the needs of real-world authors" -- among other things (cf. ) --  that subgroup of this group (which is probably large) may have, understandably, developed customs that are different than those of the W3C. 
I suppose that is the reason a committee has chairs.
David Dailey

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 14:50:18 UTC