Re: Multipart response support

On 3/28/07, Henrik Dvergsdal <> wrote:
> I think we should consider including support for multipart responses
> in HTML.

Strongly disagree

> Among other things this would provide:
> - easy preloading of critical components without using JavaScript

easy preloading at the cost of difficult setup... if you're talking
PHP, it's complex output buffering and voodoo... if you're talking
plain HTML then it's just a pain to edit with plaintext editors

> - improved digital rights management of images etc. without using
> flash or other plug-ins. (No need to make such resources directly
> accessible on the internet.)

security through obscurity, anyone?

> - a mechanism for hiding scripts and stylesheets from (average) users.

average users don't look at scripts and stylesheets, advanced users
will get them anyway.


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