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Laurens Holst wrote:

> What I like about role (or class or whatever) is that the section is 
> explicit. A section is an important structural document element, and I 
> shouldn’t have to create rules like 
> section|nav|header|footer|aside|article to match all different types of 
> sections, or determine their heading levels, etc. It gets worse when you 
> add in that you also have to match h1|h2|h3|h4|h5|h6 because sections 
> may contain headers of any rank. But that only applies to sections, and 
> not to the other five section types, so apparantly they are second-rank 
> citizens.
> That is why I’m very much in favour of <section> and <h>. Retain 
> <h1>...<h6> for backwards compatibility where necessary. And skip that 
> whole HUUUGE section on the exact semantics of implicit sections with 
> the latter. Which is of course pretty much what XHTML2 did.

That really doesn't work. You can't just ignore the problem of defining 
how any new heading model works with the old heading model* (or you can 
but you end up with a crappy spec that can't be implemented 
interoperably). If you're looking to understand why the WHATWG heading 
model looks the way it does the main threads (IIRC) in which the model 
was developed are [1] and [2].


*Or indeed the problem of how the original heading model was supposed to 
work. Unfortunately HTML4 leaves many open questions in this area.

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