Re: Deprecate <acronym>

Le Dim 25 mars 2007 20:51, Noah Slater a écrit :
>> <abbr class="initialism">W3C</abbr>
>> <abbr class="acronym">RADAR</abbr>

> +1 for this methodology. This is exactly what I intended.
> How about adding a "type" attribute to the "abbr" element to replace
> your overloading of the "class" attribute?

Please don't.

What is the purpose in deprecating and/or removing the duality in
<acronym> / <abbr> if we replace it with a type attribute ? All that we
will achieve will be broken compatibility : no simplification and no new

What was the use case in removing <acronym> ?

- If was is for simplification, then it seems to me that two simple tags
are simplier than a tag with two values in an attribute. This is
especially true if the two tags exists since many years

- If was is because people used to ignore one of the two tags, please
consider that they will not do more effort in writing a new attribute and
this addition will be useless

<acronym> is not broken, either leave it or remove it but write in a new
way is definitely not needed IMHO.

Éric Daspet

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 23:42:17 UTC