Re: Proposing Named & Numbered Issues for HTML

Mike Schinkel wrote:
> maybe instead of you discounting my proposal and me defending it you
> could present an alternate proposal to address the information overload of
> this list?
For me, the 'information overload' problem could be cut back if there 
was just an option to get a daily/weekly/monthly/etc. digest of postings 
to the list, rather than receiving each message individually.  That way 
participants who aren't as active in the WG have a way to cut back on 
the volume of email they have to deal with, and more active participants 
can still opt to get individual messages for fastest response.

Maybe such an option already exists, but I wasn't able to find it 
anywhere.... so if it does, feel free to enlighten me :-D

-- Jason Lefkowitz

Jason A. Lefkowitz

"A statesman... is a dead politician.
Lord knows, we need more statesmen." -- Bloom County 

Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 04:18:29 UTC