Re: Whoah There, Turbo (and market share threshold, and charter changes)

On Thu, 15 Mar 2007, Dan Connolly wrote:
> But actually, why the team made this decision *is* public.
>  "We strongly object to the 10% market share threshold in the
>  Success Criteria."
>   -- Apple's advice to W3C,
>   quoted in the webkit weblog January 17th, 2007
> The comments include additional discussion.

...which suggest a change to a total of 10%, not a removal of the entire 
criteria -- indeed, at one point the charter did say a total 10%, which 
was reviewed by the Webkit team, and everyone involved agreed was better.

> When we actually do make a request for Proposed Recommendation status, I 
> still hope we will have a compelling argument, based on widely used 
> statistics, that the spec is compatible with existing practice.

My concern is that when we go to PR, despite _not_ having wide support, we 
will still make that claim. As happened with XHTML, for example.

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