Re: brainstorming: test cases, issues, goals, etc.

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> I think this working group was created to give a W3C future to the
> spirit and specs of the WHAT-WG, so I think a good but rather orthodox
> way to start could be
> 1. ask the WHATWG to freeze a version of its specs for let's say
>     15 days. I know that's hard, but we really need it.
> 2. have this WG's members review the documents during this period
> 3. continue on these specs as usual, this should allow to make the
>     specs "ours" rapidly

I think this sounds like a good way forward, although I'm not sure 15 days  
is enough. That depends on when we start counting, though, because this WG  
isn't fully assembled yet as far as I understand, and we can't really  
freeze the WHAT WG specifications and start counting until it is.

> On another note, I hope we'll have more than browser vendors here.
> Adobe/Macromedia ? IBM ? AOL ?

Indeed. Google? Yahoo? Sun?

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