Test case, XML input control

I have attached a test document for the XML input control I have  

It is primarily intended to facilitate rich text input to CMS's from  
novice as well as expert users.

The semantics is similar to that of a textarea except that conforming  
clients are responsible for returning xml markup that validates  
according to the doctype/schema/dtd specified in the control.

The control can be rendered/handled in different ways (possibly  
configured by the user):

- a crude text interface that is validated before it is submitted.

- a crude text interface with syntax highlighting etc.

- a generic schema/dtd driven graphical XML editor.

- a built-in standardized "tinyhtml" WYSIWYG editor.

- a publically available WYSIWYG plugin editor customized for the  
doctype. (Doctypes such as wikipage, myspacepage, ebayitem etc. can  
typically be handled by corresponding editors: wikiedit, myspacedit,  
ebayedit etc.)

- an application specific plugin/javascript editor.

The more user friendly tools should be responsible for ensuring valid  
output. Web clients only need to provide a crude error mechanism,  
basically handing the problem back to the input tool.


Received on Tuesday, 27 March 2007 10:01:53 UTC