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Matthew Ratzloff schreef:
> Whenever there's the option of requiring hundreds of thousands of
> designers, developers, and content creators to expend a not-insignificant
> amount of effort to accommodate a special use case as opposed to a handful
> of screen reader companies expending a moderate amount of effort to build
> an indexed list of common abbreviations, I think the responsibility should
> be on the handful of companies.


> Abbr and Acronym should be condensed into Abbr; Acronym is a subset of
> Abbr (Abbr being an abbreviation of a word or phrase, and Acronym being an
> abbreviation of a phrase).  Usage should be that only the first instance
> of an unknown abbreviation is annotated; all subsequent instances should
> not, under any circumstances, require Abbr tags.  Screen reading software
> should be intelligent enough to render that abbreviation as specified in
> the "title" attribute for the entire length the document.

Actually, I think they should, they should just not need a title attribute.


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