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On Mon, 2007-03-26 at 05:48 +0200, Daniel Glazman wrote:
> Guys, ~150 messages over the week-end discussing how this WG is
> going to work... How do you want people who do have a private life
> and family to handle that ?

Indeed, against my better judgment, I got sucked into some of
the weekend discussion and actually responded to in some
of the threads, adding fuel to the fire.

By way of explanation, if not excuse, the call-for-interest
in a ftf meeting closed on Friday
but it wasn't until mid-day Friday when I realized
I needed to get in touch with you, Daniel, to confirm
that a meeting venue was available. Then on Saturday,
the U.S. West-coast option came up again, and
I started to think that a teleconference would be a good
way to think through the ftf meeting hosting options,
but waiting a week would add stress to the already
tricky business of figuring out a meeting around XTech.
So while there were some people there in IRC
to double-check my work, I put together the "let's have an
HTML WG teleconference" message and survey.

I did better last Tuesday afternoon; despite the crushing
email load, I didn't blow off plans to work with my
wife on replacing the spindles on our front stairs.

This evening, I finally went to the gym after blowing
that off for the last two or three weeks. So I don't feel _too_
bad about staying up past midnight to catch up
on some HTML WG email...

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