RE: People's Location in the HTML WG

No doubt someone will moan about the colour, but I found the first GPL image
clock that came up in Google, and threw it on the page.

(To pressed for time to go through and make modifications at the moment, but
thought it might be a nice touch as is)

You can now get the current UTC time(ish) from the page as well.

- Gavin
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I have reordered the [list of people on wiki][1] choosing the Time  
Zone as criteria. You are welcome to add your own name there.

Direct benefits of the list:

* to discuss about HTML topics F2F,
* to work together on producing test cases for helping the group
* to exchange ideas on open source code for dealing with HTML  
([libraries][3], converters, [semantic extractors][4])

Create local communities, explain the technology around you, go to  
your [local barcamp], work together it's always more fun in a cafe.


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