Preparing to launch the Forms Task Force ...

With Dan Connolly's approval, I am preparing a web page for the HTML 
Forms Task Force that was called for in the charters for the HTML 
and Forms working groups. To make it easier for people to 
contribute, we would like to provide a wiki. In the short term it 
would be easiest for the W3C Systems Team to support the MoinMoin 
wiki, but Dan and I have our eyes on the Semantic MediaWiki as a 
better long term solution, along with its improved support for 
machine processing of Wiki materials.

As a starting point, the Task Force would be expected to collect use 
cases and assumptions, followed by work on the basic design choices 
that flow from them. Whilst it might seem easier to start from a 
detailed proposal and to discuss tweaks to that, we are more likely 
to end up with a concensus across the wide variety of experience and 
opinions in the two working groups if we start by building a shared 
vocabulary and a common grounding in the use cases and assumptions.

I should have a rough web page in place by the end of this week. 
Please let us know what you think about the potential for using a 
wiki for collecting information and writing specifications in an 
open forum. What tools should we be looking at?

p.s. the requirements of the W3C Patent Policy may limit write 
access to working group members, at least for some parts of the wiki 
involving technical contributions. I will try and get some clearer 
guidance as to what this involves. Working Group membership is 
essentially open to anyone able to comply with the Patent Policy, 
see for more details.

  Dave Raggett <>

Received on Monday, 12 March 2007 17:34:25 UTC