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RE: brainstorming -- SVG

From: Dailey, David P. <david.dailey@sru.edu>
Date: Sun, 25 Mar 2007 12:13:24 -0400
Message-ID: <1835D662B263BC4E864A7CFAB2FEEB3D258B90@msfexch01.srunet.sruad.edu>
To: "Henri Sivonen" <hsivonen@iki.fi>
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At Fri 3/23/2007 2:24 PM


thanks to Henri Sivonen [mailto:hsivonen@iki.fi] for writing:

>On Mar 23, 2007, at 05:19, Dailey, David P. wrote:

>> 1.  SVG - there just has to be a way for HTML and SVG to coexist in 
> the
> same document space without nasty problems. HTML and VML coexist quite
> happily (albeit in one browser only). Not understanding all the gears
> and torque and hydrodynamics, our inability to sprinkle SVG into HTML
> inline consistently across browsers, seems rather silly to me.

>In the WHATWG context, there has been interest in adding SVG and 
MathML to text/html.


>Personally, I think the parsing algorithm should be amended to put 
>subtrees rooted at <svg> and <math> into the SVG and MathML 
>namespaces, respectively.

That would make me very happy.

>> 5.  SMIL is a good technology


Okay, I did not realize things were so messy. (Ick!) Let me back-peddle a bit. SMIL is a good idea. At least part of its implementation within SVG is something the HTML community could benefit from. Thanks for letting me know a bit more of the background here. I'll hope to come up with a bit more concreteness to this notion later today. (I will also be a bit more careful when I refer to SMIL as a W3C recommendation, in the future.)

>> 7.  [patent of <canvas>]
>Apple's statement said, translated to non-lawyer English, that they 
>wouldn't become a problem if this WG adopts <canvas>. Please re-read 
>Apple's statement.

Oh... good! I like <canvas> better already. How nice it would be to have a legalese-to-English translator. I read the patent claim exactly backwards from its apparent meaning. 

Some sort of client-side graphics is crucial to be able to create "web applications." I'll try to comment further on my syntactic issues (#6) pertaining to <canvas> and <svg> later today.


David Dailey
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