Re: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

Rick Mans wrote:
> IRC is somewhat old-fashioned but always usefull to have a quick and
> clear conversation, a forum I would prefer above a mailinglist, since
> most forums have a better searchfunctionality than my emailclient.
> Also it imho easier to keep discussion well-structured when using
> discussion threads on a forum, however that is my personal opinion
> based on previous experience with mailinglists and forums.

Without wanting to sound rude, it sounds like you need a better email 
client. With email I am able to easily switch between linear and 
threaded views of the conversation, search on subject, author or full 
text and tag items that I want to attend to later on. If the urge took 
me, I could do some sophisticated filtering of the mail (but generally I 
only filter mailing list v non mailing list because I prefer to search 
over the whole corpus). I imagine others have significantly more complex 
  customisations in their mail setup which would not be possible to 
replicate in a forum.

"Instructions to follow very carefully.
Go to Tesco's.  Go to the coffee aisle.  Look at the instant coffee. 
Notice that Kenco now comes in refil packs.  Admire the tray on the 
shelf.  It's exquiste corrugated boxiness. The way how it didn't get 
crushed on its long journey from the factory. Now pick up a refil bag. 
Admire the antioxidant claim.  Gaze in awe at the environmental claims 
written on the back of the refil bag.  Start stroking it gently, its my 
packaging precious, all mine....  Be thankful that Amy has only given 
you the highlights of the reasons why that bag is so brilliant."
-- ajs

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 08:08:21 UTC