Re: Multipart response support

Hello to all the people, this is my first message here.

2007/3/28, Henrik Dvergsdal <>:
> I think we should consider including support for multipart responses
> in HTML. Among other things this would provide:
> - easy preloading of critical components without using JavaScript

What are "critical" components?
I think that you try to refer to image preloading, but I would rather let
the browser handle its cache instead of sending over and over the images
when the page is loaded again.

- improved digital rights management of images etc. without using
> flash or other plug-ins. (No need to make such resources directly
> accessible on the internet.)

So the next step should be to disallow  the use of the "save image"
functionality from the browsers?
Or how are you planning to do that DRM?

- a mechanism for hiding scripts and stylesheets from (average) users.

Average users don't care about your precious scripts and stylesheets. They
won't know how to get at them even in any normal page.
Non-average users will use Firebug or the equivalent tool in their browsers
to see and understand what they need.
Didn't you ever took a look at someone else page?

A reason to talk about this issue could be some other kind of argument like
it was explained in this thread [1] to overcome browsers limitations, but
not in order to try to fool anyone with a false sense of security.




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