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Matthew Ratzloff schreef:
> Ian,
> Thanks; that's a good point.  I see the need for a standalone element now.

Why? There is no overloading going on anywhere.

First of all, if one would just take a practical approach and think in 
terms of solutions instead of impossibilities, you could simply have a 
property HTMLObject.objectController, which then gets you an object 
specific to the ‘media group’.

But primarily I say: you could hardly call it overloading! There are 
separate things that can be identified individually in various types of 
objects: timeline, image, sound samples, lists.

- Timeline: images replayed along a timeline (video), sound samples 
replayed along a timeline (audio). Methods: play(), stop(), pause(). 
Properties: position (that does seek() and fast-forward(), rewind(), too).
- Image: images, images replayed along a timeline (video), displayed 
image metadata in various formats (MP3 cover art ID3 tags). Properties: 
width, height.
- Sound samples: sound samples replayed along a timeline (audio), 
possibly accompanying video. Properties: volume.
- Lists: presentations, playlists, web pages. Properties: index (that 
does next() and forward(), too).

There is no conceptual difference here, therefore you can not speak of 
overloading. People need to think more on an abstract level.

I think it would be great if HTMLObject implemented these. Preferrably 
without using an objectController sub-object, although having that, too, 
would maybe be nice for vendor-provided extensions.


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