Re: Preparing to launch the Forms Task Force ...

Also sprach Ian Hickson:

 > > As a starting point, the Task Force would be expected to collect use 
 > > cases and assumptions, followed by work on the basic design choices that 
 > > flow from them.
 > Wouldn't a better starting point for a forms task force be to build on the 
 > work of the Web Application Formats working group? Art (the chair of that 
 > group) has already proposed that this group take over publication of their 
 > document, which is currently a W3C WD document.

I think we're at the heart of a fundamental question that the group
will need to address. Is the new WG starting from scratch, or are we
building on the work of the WHAT WG?

I have immense respect for good editors. Both Dave and Ian are among
those. Dave did his pioneering work on HTML in the mid-90s and Ian
continued it 10 years later.

My gut feeling -- and I only speak on behalf of my own gut -- is that
trying to create a new W3C draft in parallel with WHAT WG will be an
insurmountable challenge for any editor, and confusing for
implementors and users. I would therefore nominate Ian to continue his
role as editor in the new HTML WG, thereby building on the work of the
WHAT WG. This seems faster, more efficient, and a more peaceful.

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Received on Monday, 12 March 2007 18:18:45 UTC