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> Agreed. FWIW, this realisation was the basis for The Web Repair  
> Initiative,
> which aims to improve the output of Automated Web Publication Systems  
> (CMSs
> and such), both through development of assitive tools and by
> indexing/coordinating other people's work in this area. See
> <>. (We went public only quite recently. A lot still
> needs to be done to get this on the rails. Help and feedback are welcome
> through the public mailing list, to which you can subscribe from
> <>.)

Interesting. I suppport such initiatives, even if I might not be able to  
contribute myself. I wish such initiatives would have better luck in  
getting the message to the masses of developers.

> Where it's possible to know what the editor meant, tools like Tidy can  
> fix
> the code. But often it is necessary for the user to make the right  
> choice. We
> need editors that help users make that right choice (subtly, without  
> getting
> in their way), instead of offering WYSIWYG options like bold, font  
> changes,
> etc.

Yes, exactly. In many, many cases font colors, font sizes actually convey  
the meanings of headings. For such cases, I simply fine-tune the  
configuration of my script, to "translate" specific tags (e.g. specific  
<font color>, <font size>) to headings.

>> I wrote some PHP script which tries to clean lots of usual ugly markup.
> When you decide to make that and Awebitor public, I'd appreciate it if  
> you'd
> let me know. Such tools deserve to be listed at
> <>.

Thank you for your interest. I will probably do so, when time allows.

If I'll have time, I'll join the WRI mailing list, and I'll post there  
some comments on the site (I've read it and I already have some comments  
to make).

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