Re: XML input control

It's possible I'm not communicating the problem I see with that in a  
meaningful way.
How exactly should such a control look, in your opinion? Just a text  
box where one
can enter XML which, on submit, is checked against the schema? If  
that's all, that is
also doable via JavaScript. Additionally, you have to check submitted  
form data on
the server side too, since you can never be sure it hasn't been  
modified or inserted

It's also possible I'm not getting your point. If this is the case, I  

Alexander Graf

On 27.03.2007, at 13:20, Henrik Dvergsdal wrote:

>> If not JavaScript then there is XUL. I think it's far more  
>> practical to force browser
>> vendors to implement scriptable GUI toolkits (like XUL) instead of  
>> creating a one-
>> size-fits-all WYSIWYG editor. Such a control would have to be  
>> extremely
>> configurable...
> OK. Let us assume that a lot of developers start creating input  
> tools using XUL. Don't you think it will useful to have quality  
> assurance mechanisms such as the XML control to promote  
> standardization and software reusability?
> --
> Henrik

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