RE: Leading the Forefront - with IRC ! ?

Agree with the below, just because something worked in the past, doesn't
mean it's right for the future. So far things seem a mess. Can anyone truly
tell me exactly what stage we are at, every idea we have had already, and
peoples views on that idea?

It would be good, for example, to be able to go back and look at everyone's
comments on <abbr>, without picking through my inbox.

As I said, I'm quite happy to set anything up if anyone wants to lend a hand
with the chairs permissions. 

OK IRC can stay, maybe I was a bit hasty there, personally I'm not a fan, it
is dated, but it works I agree.

The email list can stay, but as per above, as it stands, does anyone really
know what's going on for certain? This is the future of the web we're
talking about, and we're handling it using tech from the past.

We all know the W3C is famous for "setting an example" with its accessible
and compliant website that yet is so poor for common usability. I just think
maybe it's time to try something new. Keep the emails flowing, just make
them more organized. A PHP based testing server where we could setup like,
for example, a dynamic to-do list, etc ... you can't deny it wouldn't be a
good idea. Perhaps. 

But to prove my point? Can anyone effectively answer the above? Tell me
every idea we've discussed and what point we are at with each. So if I
wanted to add to the abbr I could.

Difference between a this mailing list and a move advanced one is user
options, better online viewing and organization, to-do lists etc etc ..

The wiki is a wiki, yea it'l doo the job, but so will a different way. 

Why are we so worried to try something new?

Sorry for the mess - just a collection of ideas as I think through.

- Gavin

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"gotten the job done in the past..."

so has HTML4...

The geek shall inherit the earth.

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