Let every element have a src attribute

"This collection causes the contents of a remote resource to be embedded 
in the document in place of the element's content. If accessing the 
remote resource fails, for whatever reason (network unavailable, no 
resource available at the URI given, inability of the user agent to 
process the type of resource) or an associated ismap 
attribute fails, the content of the element must be processed instead.

Note that this behavior makes documents far more robust, and gives much 
better opportunities for accessible documents than the |longdesc| 
attribute present in earlier versions of XHTML, since it allows the 
description of the resource to be included in the document itself, 
rather than in a separate document."

.... which seems very plausible to me. Contrary to letting every element 
have a href attribute, it's backwards-compatible by design.
Are there any plans to inherit that from the XHTML2 working draft?


Received on Thursday, 29 March 2007 00:59:10 UTC