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On 3/25/07, Noah Slater <> wrote:
> > Fourth, screen readers should for reading the titles of acronyms and
> > abbreviations by default.
> -1
> Abbreviations should be pronounced as their expanded form.
> Acronyms should be pronounced in there contracted form.
> Initialisms should be spoken letter by letter.

I'm not an expert on accessibility, but i have always been taught that
you should avoid messing with aural stylesheets as much as possible.
When they over-ride user preferences this causes problems - we
shouldn't assume we know best for the users.

That said, the way i indicate initialisms is through the use of
semantics class names and CSS.

<abbr class="initialism">W3C</abbr>

abbr.initialism {speak: spell-out; }

according to the CSS aural style sheet page[1]
    Spells the text one letter at a time (useful for acronyms and

Something similar could apply to acronyms.

<abbr class="acronym">RADAR</abbr>

abbr.acronym {speak: normal; }


[1] -

brian suda

Received on Sunday, 25 March 2007 15:06:17 UTC