Re: XML input control

> How can we
> (1) empower users to generate rich content without being XML/HTML experts
> while at the same time
> (2) helping developers to provide high technical quality of the same  
> content?

Do I understand you correctly, that by "rich content" you primarily
mean textual content? I can also imagine some other uses like SVG,
but that seems a bit too futuristic.

In your first letter you say:

> The big difference versus existing Java/JavaScript plugins is that
> they would be *forced* to produce valid XML in all situations.

How can this be forced to any client software? There is no way
you can trust some remote input being valid. You clearly also
need that XML validator on the server side. And what should you
do, when you detect an error in input? Do you tell the user,
who wrote the document with WYSIWYG editor, that there is parse
error on line 127?

The other problem is your suggested fallback to pure XML.
Well, if we are talking about text, then I would clearly prefer
a fallback to plain old human-friendly text.

I completely agree, that there is a clear need for a general method
to enter formatted text into webpage, but it's a really-really
complex problem.

Rene Saarsoo

Received on Monday, 26 March 2007 13:40:57 UTC