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I joined the WG just a few days ago and follow these threads with interest. I don't know very much about the procedures here, but during the last few days I found that 'consensus' is a major keyword, so that means there should only be winners.

If we are to define HTML5, then it is quite useless to redefine everything and start from scratch, imo. I think the WHAT WG put a lot of effort in writing the HTML5 proposals and it probably is best to cooperate closely with them, base the future W3C HTML5 spec on their proposal and discuss al our concerns about their proposal etc. with them. If there will be some sort of HTML5 task force, it should operate very close to the WHAT WG. That is, if WHAT WG agrees.
Otherwise it will definitely result in the publication of two different HTML5 specifications, instead of the wanted concensus.
I wonder what the members of WHAT WG think?

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> I suppose HTML5 and WebForm2 are evolved from HTML4; I welcome 
> brainstorming around those specs too.

About HTML5, WHAT WG and the stated will to "converge"; how is this going to work in practice? Will we base the work of the HTML WG upon the work WHAT WG has done, will we start from scratch or something inbetween? Your thoughts?

My initial reaction is that the two+ years WHAT WG has invested in the development of HTML5 and Web Forms 2.0 shouldn't be ignored. If the HTML WG ignores WHAT WG's work to any degree at all, I fear we might end up with two HTML5 specifications; one published by WHAT WG and one published by the W3C.

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