Re: Doctypes and the dialects of HTML 5

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> In XSLT you are not able to output just:
> <!DOCTYPE html>

Then don't output a DOCTYPE and serve your documents as XHTML. Or serve  
HTML4. Or append the DOCTYPE with a print() statement before the XSLT is  
flushed to the output stream. There are lots of options and none of them  
requires a public identifier in the HTML5 DOCTYPE.

> This is serious limitation of HTML5 as amount of content produced by
> XSLT is enormous.

The content produced by XSLT today is either XHTML1, XHTML1.1 or HTML4,  
agree? If that content is going to be upgraded to HTML5, that would  
require some changes in the code that produces this content. If changes  
can and will be made to make the content conform to HTML5, then why can't  
those changes ovecome this limitation in XSLT?

> <!DOCTYPE html> should be either optional

It is for documents served as XML. For HTML documents it should be  
preserved to maintain backward compatibility, especially if you want to  
have your documents rendered in a standard compliant way (e.g. not quirks  

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